Hello everyone! So, as the title says, I have started to upload most of my work into one place and I have this website be a place where people can go to see all the work I have created as well as all the cool projects I’m working on.

Since this is probably the biggest step in making myself known, and basically a nobody at the moment, I will start with an introduction of myself: I’m Jonathan Flynn, a budding programmer who likes to meld and mash art and computers together to create awesome abominations! I’m currently in my second year of my Computer Visualisation and Animation course at the NCCA in Bournemouth University.

That’s the jist of it really. If you wan’t to know some more about me then you can check out About Me and that will have some more information, but who really cares about that, eh? Here is a picture and drawing of a kitten because I’m sure I’ve bored you half to death:

I hope you guys like the work I will be publishing, and thanks for reading!