I’ve recently bought a subscription for the Unreal Engine 4 (UE4) and the last couple of days I’ve been following a Third Person Blueprint tutorial to get to grips on how to make a game with this software. This can be found here.

UE4 is definitely a huge leap in terms of ease of use, intuitive design and just overall greatness since UE3: although I didn’t spend much time using UE3, I did however spend some time on a level design competition for Torn Banner’s Chivalry: Medieval Warfare and using the UDK which came with the game. The new Blueprint system is a huge improvement from the Kismet system before, and removes the basic requirement for a programmer when creating a basic outline for a game.

I managed to create a super basic third person character with animations and controls in just two days that responds to certain situations where the animations vary e.g. when jumping, or punching. I also created a montage as evidence of this just to show how easy it can be done when you know what you are doing. I managed, in the video, to complete all the work in just 30 mins! That’s an incredible turn around time for the work created.

I followed the tutorial to the end, and this is the final result I managed to produce:

I’m going to be playing around with this software for the next couple of weeks, so I will keep you all posted with what I conjure up.