I’ve completed my second year at Bournemouth University doing Computer Visualisation and Animation and haven’t had the time to post updates on what I’ve done and what I’m currently doing on here due to the sheer amount of time being taken up by all my assignments and exams. So, I’ve decided to create two posts: one about what I’ve done and the other on what I’m going to be doing over the course of the Summer. So, here we go!

Portfolio & Blog


Well, if you haven’t of guessed it by now, I’m working harder on improving my Portfolio and Blog! I’m trying to upload all the work I have stored away on my computer that I simply haven’t uploaded for one reason or another. I’m also going to post at minimum of once a week on my blog about the work I’m doing or personal projects I might be completing. There may be some posts that I create about personal things, or interesting topics that I’ve read up on as well as small titbits I’ve come to learn and realize about the theory of anything and everything.

Freelance Graphics/Programming/Animation/Anything

I’m hoping after getting all my portfolio in working order that I can start completing some freelance work over the Summer to start earning a little bit of money and continue to improve my skills. This is something I really want to accomplish, and I’m hoping it won’t be too difficult to find work. So, if you know anyone who needs some work being done, I’m your man!


#1GAM: ONE GAME A MONTH - created by @McFunkypants

This is something I’ve really wanted to start doing for awhile now. It’s a really cool personal challenge in that you simply create one game a month using any tools or any format. It’s important, especially for me, to start completing games instead of just starting them and never finishing. The act of completing a game is a lot harder and challenging then the act of having an idea and starting it. I really like the website and whole community involvement with this idea, since it allows the whole comradery and sense of urgency of a Game Jam without the rules and restrictions.

I’m starting this as of next week, currently very busy with simply enjoying the summer but I will keep with the monthly schedule and finish one game a month for (hopefully) the foreseeable future!

Improving My Lifestyle

Remember that not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck. - Dalai Lama

I’ve been neglecting my well being a far bit from my time at University. The biggest part that affected me the most was that my top priority in life, I realized, wasn’t to be happy but was to become successful and make games. However, I then thought this wasn’t the right way to lead my life, and now I focus on being happy over everything.

So, even though I already am very happy in life, my continued “pursuit of happiness” is all about improving my lifestyle: less time on the computer playing games, eat a healthier diet, exercise regularly, meditate, socialize with more people, and generally worry less. There’s a lot of my lifestyle that I can start improving to make my life more enjoyable and so I’m doing just that. I’ve also been reading some books on happiness, currently Dalai Lama’s book on “The Art of Happiness” which has been really enlightening and I recommend it to everyone who can get there hands on it!

Level of Detail (LOD) Generator


I still need to iron out some bugs with this program but I think, with some improvements in the code used, I may be able to sell the software to people. If I can’t get it to a level I think people will want to buy it or it’s taking far too much time to complete then I will simply distribute the program for free as well as all the source code. This is my first time completing a program using C++ and OpenGL so it’s not the most elegant program but I’m very proud of what I managed to complete and hope I can get it fully functioning.

A Fox’s Tail


All of us (the people involved in the project) still want to work on this project and get something functional from it, but the main part is that we need to start from scratch due to all the work we accomplished from the Game Jam is a real mess. I do have a lot more experience in working with 2D platformers now, especially after all my research in my specialist assignment, so it should be a lot easier to construct a game from the knowledge I’ve garnered. I think it might be nice as well to get another programmer on the project, currently it’s just me and the rest of the people involved are artists. Still, it’s a project I’m looking forward to continuing!

These are the plans for the future! I’m sure I will keep you all updated on how each of these areas of my working and personal life progress with frequent blog posting. Thanks for reading!