How I edit for YouTube Gameplay

Here is some insight into the general process for my editing of gameplay videos for YouTube. I am no means an expert but I hope you find the article interesting and can also learn how to make videos for YouTube as a result. I will go through all the steps in the process from setting up audio, recording, software used and more!

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NOTU: Web Design and SDL

The first “Never on Time Update” (or NOTU for short) is all about my recent work with Web Design, including css, html, wordpress and php as well as some work learning SDL. There is also some graphics and logo design in there to spruce things up a bit!

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Flow: The best sensation

Flow: From time to time, when working on trying to solve a problem (especially in coding), I get into this state of intense concentration where I am entirely focused on the work I’m doing and enjoying the process simultaneously. This is commonly known in psychology as flow or the zone. I talk about a recent example this happened when creating a Facebook Album Downloader.

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About Me

Technical Artist at Splash Damage and a first class honours graduate at the NCCA, Bournemouth University after studying a BA (Hons) Computer Visualisation & Animation. (now BA (Hons) Computer Animation Technical Arts)

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