Since I never seem to be able to keep a weekly update type deal, I’ve now adopted a new blog post category the “never on time update” (or NOTU for short): whenever I have the time or remember to do so I will create an updates blog post. I will try to make it weekly, and I will most likely fail but it will be frequent(ish).

Anyway, here are some updates!

Web Design

So, I’ve been doing a bit of web design for two different websites recently; one non-profit and the other selling products (still WIP). Both I created using WordPress and I have modified free themes to work for what was needed. I’m going to talk a little about both and what I completed in their design.


Area52 Page

*Update 31/07/2016: Website is now down permanently. Hopefully the idea will be revived at some point!*
An idea imagined by a friend of mine which is to participate in “52 Challenges Over 52 Weeks” with the aim of raising money for charity. The hope was to start this for the beginning of next year but a lot more planning is needed for this project so it will come about in 2017.

The design was based from the free Zerif-Lite theme for WordPress and edited to meet our needs. I managed and worked all the back-end of the website with plugins which included membership for users, custom form based sign-up, a calendar and event creation as well as managing and customizing the theme. I mostly worked on the html and css but dabbled slightly into php when adding the user’s first name when they have logged in to the menu-bar at the top of the page. I created some image banners as well under the events page which can be seen in action here and the code here. Oh, and I also created the logo as well.

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VitaVerve Nutrition


A newly setup company that sells natural health supplements through, primarily to the United States.  Still work in progress so not much to show yet, just got the base theme installed from a free theme called Customizr. I’ve started editing colours and adding graphics but need to wait until I have more content to work with until this moves forward.

This is my first commissioned web design work which is great! Looking forward to working on this over the coming weeks and honing some more of my css, html and php skills.

Little Extra: Email Signature

I was trying to make an advanced email signature for myself using html and css, but sadly it failed and I couldn’t use it due to the restrictions in place for html in emails (you can only use tables and no divs, which is a nightmare!). I wanted it to have a resizeable logo dependent on the page width and then have text that was copyable and could have hyper-links. I got it to work html wise, but it bugs out in emails and does a little in bit when on jsfiddle but you can find the code here.


SDL: Simple DirectMedia Layer


Okay, I know that your thinking the above animation is probably one of the most boring things you’ve seen but you have to start somewhere! I’m learning SDL from scratch, and I’m making sure I have a very good understanding of the code and have each step of the process embedded in my puny brain before I continue.

I should explain a few things about what I’m on about: “Simple DirectMedia Layer” or SDL is a C++ software development library that can be used to control hardware input really well and use these as controls for rendering something on the screen. Primarily, games are created using SDL, hence my interest.

I want to be fluent in C++ and SDL so that I can just churn out games without much effort in the long run with the knowledge of everything SDL. So, the best way to do this is repetition, following tutorials and learning all the basics. It’s going pretty well and I’m becoming a lot more fluent in C++ now as well because of it. I have a game idea for this month as a part of #1GAM called “Bomb Your It!” and I want to use SDL for it. Hopefully, that comes to fruition!

That’s all for this NOTU update, I might write another post this week about other things, like some book recommendations,  so keep an ear and eye out.

Thanks for reading! 😀