I’ve been spending the last couple of days working on editing some gameplay footage of me and my friends and uploading it to YouTube. They will slowly be published over the course of a couple of months at the channel Defenders of the Steak.

I really enjoy editing gameplay footage and doing work for the channel; it involves quite a lot of skills to record, edit, produce and upload the gameplay footage and is a nice challenge from time to time. I thought I would layout the general process for my editing of gameplay videos. If people are interested in a more in-depth tutorial, I could create something but I am in no way an expert and there are multiple ways in which you can create and edit videos for YouTube.

Setup audio.

  1. A40-HEADSET-ASTRO-GEN2-PS4-CHARCOAL-BUNDLE_primary_1I use an Astro A40 Headset + MixAmp Pro to channel both the Skype and Gameplay audio into my headset. I managed to get an older version of these for cheaper.
  2. Gameplay audio travels through a TOSLINK cable transmitting S/PDIF (Digital Audio), into the MixAmp and into my headset.
  3. Skype or Teamspeak audio travels through USB to my MixAmp and into my headset.
  4. I have Adobe Audition and Audacity separately record both my voice recording and the Skype/Teamspeak call (Audacity can be used to record your audio output instead of your microphone input).

Setup Gameplay Video & Audio using Fraps.

fraps_107Fraps gives very little influence in frame rate that I’ve found and has worked fine for everything I’ve needed it for.
Sync up all the audio and video using a “clap” sync.


Same as using a clapper board in film or TV, you need to know where the audio matches with the video for multiple different recording devices. To do this, you make a noise and do something distinctive in the game to sync up to, for which you have to do for each of the Skype and Mic recording.

Record all the footage you need.


Play, have fun, enjoy and record some footage!

Edit the footage and audio.

Adobe Audition CS6_0Adobe Premiere Pro_1000 AfterFX_1000
  1. Using Adobe Audition, remove any peaks in the audio and normalize it so you get consistent amplitude.
  2. Using Adobe Premiere Pro, edit all the footage together. Clip out down time and boring bits, adding transitions between these pieces along with some additional audio for effect.
  3. *Additional step: use Adobe After Effects to add extra effects or, in one case, blur out some *cough* inappropriate images.

Compose the edited footage into episodes and render.


  1. You roughly want videos 10-15 mins in length, but this depends a lot on your content. You can always use analytics to see the drop off rate of your videos and tailor the length of your videos to this.
  2. Add the intro and outro title plus edit the end title to include relevant past videos for the annotation links.
  3. For render settings, I use the recommended ones from YouTube.

Upload the videos and create the title, video descriptions, tags, as well as the end title annotation links.


Create a thumbnail using Adobe Photoshop.

ps ttt_icon_4

        As a whole, this needs to draw your viewer audience in and make them want to click the video. Usually, something distinct or abnormal is the best way to go about it or

including a face creates can draw people into watching your video

      When creating my thumbnails, I use a distinctive background image for the game and add logo or some kind representing the game we are playing.
      Then I add the number of the episode and a distinctive part of the episode in the thumbnail e.g. I added the Crystal Maze’s “Crystal Dome” in one thumbnail with marijuana leaves floating inside instead of tickets. I know, quite crass but it gets the job done. You can see this above.

Your done! Publish to YouTube


Here is a finished episode I put together:

I hope somebody finds this useful! To be honest, I’m just going on intuition mostly for all this editing malarkey but it seems to be working out.

I’m going to create another post at some point just showcasing all the graphics I created included the intro and outro sequence for the videos.

Thanks for reading! 😀