I’ve finally got back into doing some life drawing! Every two weeks at Splash Damage there is a drawing session on and it feels great to be drawing again. It’s definitely an area that I’ve neglected for a few years now but I’m quite surprised how quickly I’ve picked it up again.

Here are all the drawings I’ve done for the last 2 1/2 months I’ve been at Splash Damage. I’ve included all my drawings, both the good and the bad as I feel it’s nice to look back on all of the work I have been producing and so everyone can see what my actual skill level is :). I will be posting a highlight collage after every session I do from now on (usually on Instagram). Then I will post recap of all the work every 4 sessions or so. Feel free to comment on any of the photos and give any critic you like.





Steps to Improvement


What I need to start doing is reading art books and improving my knowledge of the anatomy. I have Bridgman’s Complete Guide to Drawing from Life which is a great book that I’ve looked through a few times. This is something I need to dedicate more time into learning all the great content that is within this life drawing book and to start reading others.

I also need to start making a more regular schedule and do life drawing more frequently. Currently I’m only doing it on a fortnightly basis after work. I’m going to start doing it in my free time using online tools as it’s quite a nice relaxing experience to do in the evening. The website r/SketchDaily is great since it has a timer and allows you to specify what style of photos you want to sketch. Hopefully I can keep it up and start doing it semi-regularly.