The Forager

The Forager is a platform, puzzle game of a creature with botanical abilities that explores and traverses an infected forest. By exploiting the enchanted ways of the environment, the Forager must reach the heart of the forest, the Tree of Life, to unveil the reason behind this unexplained corruption.

Shader Environment Builder

A C++ group programming project. SEB is an OpenGL Shading Language (GLSL) Interactive Development Environment (IDE) created using C++ and OpenGL. Primarily used for creating Vertex-Fragment GLSL shaders.

Saving Scuba Steve

Created in 8 hours for the EGX Rezzed 2016 Creative Assembly GameJam with the theme of “Flux”. Saving Scuba Steve is best described in short as a twin stick, Pong-style shooter. Play as two mermaids that are destined to protect Scuba Steve as he is attacked by hoards of Fish-Bombs as he tries to grab the treasured pearl.


Created in 24 hours for the Global Game Jam 2016 with the theme of “Ritual”. Ritu is an interactive meditational experience based around the concept of ‘constructing’, memorising and repeating your own individual rituals.

UFO – Unidentified Floating Objects

A 48 hour GameJam created for a competition with the theme of UFO. You are a gorilla who must traverse the magical space river using his small boat, activating the quick time rocks as he goes. Unidentified Floating Objects: where nothing makes sense and everything is real.

LOD Generator

A Level of Detail (LOD) generator created using C++ and OpenGL. It creates a Progressive Mesh using edge collapses with a triangular mesh for hierarchical LOD setups.

A Fox’s Tail

A 48 hour GameJam created for a competition with the theme of “Animal Warfare”. You follow the footsteps of a fox who decides to leave his comfortable den to explore the dense forest outside, coming across obstacles and enemies along his travels.


A level design contest submission for Chivalry: Medieval Warfare to design a Team Objective map. Seaborn was created in Unreal Engine 3 (UDK) with a small team of students.

Lichtenstein Art Generator

A Python standalone program used to create Roy Lichtenstein style pop art pieces from pre-existing images. The code takes an image and applies Colour Quantization, Halftoning and Edge Detection to create a new image.

About Me

England-based technical artist, computer graphics designer, programmer and games designer who strives to create work that not only meets your needs but is to a level that I, myself, am proud of. Currently an Associate Technical Artist at Splash Damage. A first class honours graduate at the NCCA, Bournemouth University after studying a BA (Hons) Computer Visualisation & Animation.

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