Bournemouth Beach


Brief info on the project

Editing Software

Adobe Photoshop CS6 & Topaz Plugins



Time On Each Edit

~20-60 mins

About the Project

A run-down of what the project is
An assortment of different photos taken at Bournemouth Beach during my first two years completing my University course, Computer Visualisation and Animation. From taking and editing these photos, I wanted to work a lot on composting the shots to be visually appealing, such as employing such techniques as the rule of thirds followed by creating and enhancing a different range of moods and emotions when editing these photos in Photoshop.

I learnt a lot on the technical side of using a camera when taking these photos: the effect of the aperture, focal length, and the shutter speed on the final image. A lot of the photos required multiple shots to get the best result possible when manually adjusting the settings of the camera. I used Topaz Plugins to edit the photos inside of Photoshop to get a more interesting look to my photos. Topaz has a wide range of useful tools that allow me to get a wide variation of styles from the pictures I take. Getting the right colour, style, and lighting from a photo whilst editing can be a real challenge and usually involves multiple iterations to get the best result.

I always enjoy taking photographs of Bournemouth beach: I find there is so much to offer in terms of story and personality as well as composition opportunities. It’s quite the picturesque place, especially around sunset which is where most of my photos are taken. Overexposure can be difficult at times but I am usually able to fix up photo mishaps in post.

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