LOD Generator


Brief info on the project

Time Frame

4 Months


Windows, Mac and Linux


C++98 compiled with 64-bit Clang++ and MSVC2013 64-bit OpenGL for Windows


Qt 5.4

About the Project

A run-down of what the project is
A Level of Detail (LOD) generator created using C++ and OpenGL. It creates a Progressive Mesh using edge collapses with a triangular mesh for hierarchical LOD setups. This algorithm is based of Hugues Hoppe’s Progressive Mesh 1996 paper.

You can specify the number of faces you want the obj model to be reduced to and the program will calculate the best series of edge collapses to reduce the polycount of the mesh with the least amount of change in its volume. The only limitations to the algorithm used is that the model must be Triangular and have no holes in the mesh.

There is also no consideration for other aspects of the model when calculating the cost of an edge collapse such as texture co-ordinates. Only the position of the vertices are taken into account. This is something that I wanted to implement into the code and very well could do as the formula would allow for this calculation to effect what line edges should be collapsed.

This was my first C++ project and was a big challenge for me: I had only used Python for programming before and C++ doesn’t do any of the hand holding that Python does. It was a big jump for me but I feel that the results the program can produce are fitting and useful.


Where you can access this project
This project is under the GNU General Public License v3.0. Click here for more information.Currently is un-optimized and buggy. If you choose to download and use be wary of this.

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