UFO – Unidentified Floating Objects


Brief info on the project

My Role

Programmer, Technical Director, Pipeline Director


Unreal Engine 4


Highscore Racer QTE

Time Frame

48 Hours

# of People

4 Artists
1 Musician & Sound Director

About the Project

A run-down of what the project is
A 48 hour GameJam created for a competition with the theme of UFO. You are a gorilla who must traverse the magical space river using his small boat, activating the quick time rocks as he goes. The longer you play the faster you become, making the game more challenging to get the highest score. If you miss a quick time rock or don’t activate them quick enough you begin to loose health and, if you miss enough, your life. This is Unidentified Floating Objects: where nothing makes sense and everything is real.

This high-score, racing, quicktime event game was created using Unreal Engine 4 (UE4) with me as the sole programmer. In the time frame of 48 hours I managed to implement the main gorilla character with (somewhat) realistic car controls, quick time events that are only possible to activate when on screen and visible, as well as health and speed mechanics. 

This is one of the most complete Game Jams we have produced to date in terms of visuals, sound, and gameplay. Ways I would improve the game would be to work on a better physics system than the one I implemented due to it being very unstable and causing the player to flip over a lot. UFO is

The Team

The amazing team that worked with me on this project

Camilla Nara Thorsen

Concept & Texture Artist, Modeler

Finn Connolly

Producer, Material & Level Artist/Designer

Michael Newbon

Modeler, Texture & Level Artist

Tom Martyn

Modeler, Animator, Skinner

Liam Tiller-Collins

Musician, Sound Director


Where you can access this project


The controls for the game


Screenshots of the project

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