Tribute – Journey!

Couldn’t help but post this on my blog! Love Journey and love Shadertoy ^_^
Created by Shakemayster

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Life Drawing #1 – Sketching from scratch

I’ve finally got back into doing some life drawing! Every two weeks at Splash Damage there is a drawing session on and it feels great to be drawing again. It’s definitely an area that I’ve neglected for a few years now but I’m quite surprised how quickly I’ve picked it up again. Here are all the drawings I’ve done for the last 2 1/2 months I’ve been at Splash Damage.

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The tribal goat #goat #drawing #art #weird #pen #paper #edit #tribal #abstract

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Completion of My Second Year at University: What I’ve Done

I’ve completed my second year at Bournemouth University doing Computer Visualisation and Animation. I haven’t had the time to post updates on what I’ve done and what I’m currently doing on here due to the sheer amount of time being taken up by all my assignments and exams. So, I’ve decided to create two posts: one about what I’ve done this year and the other on what I’m going to be doing over the course of the Summer. So, here…

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Technical Artist at Splash Damage and a first class honours graduate at the NCCA, Bournemouth University after studying a BA (Hons) Computer Visualisation & Animation. (now BA (Hons) Computer Animation Technical Arts)

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